Marshmallow Android updates for Smartphone Samsung, HTC, and LG

Google Android 6.0 officially confirmed Marshmallow past mid-August 2015, and that it is possible to get advance is its family of Google Android, the Nexus. Two of the latest Google Nexus, Nexus and Nexus 6P Huawei 5X from LG also has launched late September yesterday, and both directly present in the market running Android OS is the most advanced. As for the other Nexus family getting OTA updates starting from the last week. But not all can be updated depending on the region where you are using the Google Nexus, or operator support. As for Android from other brands, has also been confirmed by each vendor. Such as Sony, Motorola and HTC and Samsung are sure will provide updates. Including LG, which previously has not given an official statement, yesterday they gave press release asserted if their flagship LG G4 will get Android Marshmallow early.

LG G4 users in Poland will receive Android updates Marshmallow earlier, starting from next week. Then proceed to other European countries, Asia, and America Marshmallow the Android Update offers new features such as:
    • Permission is simplified, with more control over the information that can be freely accessed applications, not only when you install the application, but anytime.
    • Silent features for sound and vibrate mode, as well as Do Not Disturb mode to hold all sounds, or simply an alarm and notification only.
    • Doze mode is functioning turn off the process at the background of a particular application, when you do not use the LG G4.
      Previous LG allegedly would give Marshmallow Android update to their flagship type, such as LG and LG G3 G4, as well as several variants. You're the second flagship of LG's famous for the unique placement of the buttons are, certainly aware of both still stuck on Android 5.1. Most likely leapfrog LG Android 5.1.1, and they instantly provide updates Android Marshmallow.

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